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Congratulations on completing your new book! Getting the words to a story written and formed into a book is a major achievement, and anybody who does it should be proud of themselves.

Unfortunately publishers don't always see it that way. If you haven't submitted your story to a publisher yet, I can help make your book the best it can be before you do. If you've submitted it and been rejected, I can help you figure out why. As you can see from my record, I'm an experienced editor. And I don't just edit romance novels. I'm happy to edit any fiction.

Sometimes rejection is a matter of poor timing and bad luck. Sometimes thereís a problem with the story or the mechanics of the writing. You may not know where to start.

If you are self-publishing your book in ebook form, you may have had trouble editing your book yourself or been unsatisfied with your editor. I can help. I believe in your book because youíve poured your heart and soul into it. I can offer editorial guidance and constructive advice that will fine-tune your manuscript and make it a viable contender in the world of publishing by filling in the plot holes, giving dimension to the characters and making your words sing. I wonít re-write your book, but I will offer suggestions for wording, sentence structure and also plot, characterization, point of view, dialogue or pacing. All of these suggestions will be yours to use, adapt or discard as you see fit.

I practice an easy-going, painless approach to editing. My comments will be encouraging and directed toward making your story the best it can be because I want your book to not only be published, but to be successful.

To be sure Iím the kind of editor you want, I offer a free sample edit. Send me the first 500 words of your manuscript, and I'll edit them for free. All of my suggestions will be marked with the tracking option in Word. I will then return the pages to you to review, and you can decide if we'll make a good team. If you'd like me to edit your manuscript, send me a return email with the number of pages in your manuscript, and I will quote a reasonable rate and a time frame to complete the work.

If you're looking for a top book editor to help you get your story published, email me at dgovaere@gmail.com.

I accept Paypal, or you can mail me a check. Half of the payment will be due when I accept the manuscript, the other half when it is completed. If you have questions or would like a quote for your manuscript, please contact me.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Devin Govaere

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